May 18, 2011

Global Summit Of Parlimentarians Releases Appeal

AUTHOR:Global Summit Of ParlimentariansSOURCE:Women Deliver

On May 16th and 17th, EPF and its French NGO partners organized a Global Parliamentarians’ Summit, called “Girls and Population: the Forgotten Drivers of Development.” At the summit, members called for global actors to invest in projects and policies that work to protect girls. These policies should focus on finding out where girls and women are located, developing their potential, defending their autonomy, and creating an infrastructure of safety. It should also be a priority to provide universal access to sexual and reproductive health, while simultaneously putting the needs of the younger generations at the center of investments in global health. In order to achieve this, financial goals that have already been set must be maintained, such as the commitment to the goal of increasing public development assistance to 0.7% of GNI.  Through these pledges, the global parliamentarians are promoting a long sought after goal in the world of global health; health equality for women and girls. Click here to read the Parlimentarian's Declaration.

Did you know?

The risk of a woman dying in sub-Saharan Africa as a result of pregnancy or childbirth is 1 in 22, as compared to 1 in 7300 in developed regions.

Source:United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), 2010

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