Nov 1, 2011

Dr. Harry Strulovici Returns from Uganda

AUTHOR:Life For Mothers

Dr. Harry Strulovici returned from Uganda at the end of last month. The Phase l Report of the Pilot Project was extremely well received by different stakeholders. They included the MINISTER OF ICT, THE COMMISSIONER OF HEALTH PLANNING IN THE MOH, USAID, CDC, AND UNICEF. Formal presentations to all of them. Meetings also took place at the HC lV in Mwera in the District of Mityana. Support was promised from all to push the initiative forward.

In addition, he was contacted by the Office of Obama's Global Health Initiative--Achrekar, Angeli (CDC/CGH/DGHA)--Lois Quam's- assistant from CDC) who discussed the project extensively.

Dr. Strulovici is scheduled to meet with Representative Lois Capps in Washington on November 15th to discuss the work (she's one of the lead representatives on global maternal health).

Did you know?

Maternal mortality is the health indicator that shows the widest gaps between rich and poor, both between and within countries.

Source:World Health Organization, 2010

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