Jan 9, 2012

Misinformation Impedes HIV Studies in Africa

AUTHOR:Plus NewsSOURCE:Plus News

While inroads have been made to dispel misconceptions about HIV transmission in industrialized nations, misinformation remains in Sub-Saharan Africa, which has limited studies and treatment of HIV/AIDS. The stigma surrounding HIV deters those who would otherwise be willing to seek treatment from clinical HIV trials because of fear of ostracism from their communities. Volunteers participating in vaccine research are often assumed to have contracted the disease through their work, and those who are at risk of contracting HIV refuse testing. Furthermore, potential patients in HIV-related studies are reluctant to participate, since an HIV test is required. Such participation is necessary to better understand the nature of HIV transmission.

Life for Mothers seeks to eliminate such misinformation and stigma through the education of both men and women about the transmission of HIV as well as all other sexually transmitted diseases in cooperation with the schools, community elders, and people living with HIV (PLWHIV). During Phase I of its program, Life for Mothers identified many young women in Uganda who weren’t being HIV tested. Much of this lack of testing is due to stigma and ignorance. To read the entire article click here: http://www.plusnews.org/Report.aspx?Reportid=94513


Did you know?

Every year, more than one million children are left motherless and vulnerable because of maternal death.

Source:United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), 2010

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