Jan 23, 2012

Women and Understanding Circumcision for HIV Prevention

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In 2007 the World Health Organization recommended male circumcision be included in the larger sphere of HIV prevention methods (WHO). Studies performed in the previous year showed that HIV infection rates were significantly lowered in men who had been circumcised. Unfortunately women did not experience the same beneficial results. However circumcision for men is highly recommended for men to decrease incidence of HIV in men in Sub-Saharan Africa.

According to a small study done in Kenya some women mistakenly believe that circumcision provides them with protection against HIV. These women are more likely to have multiple sex partners and less likely to use condoms after a circumcision compared to men. The study’s authors recognized the need for women to accompany their partners when considering circumcision. Women will be better informed regarding the impact of male circumcision.

Life for Mothers believes that both partners should be involved when it comes to making decisions regarding their sexual health. Counseling men and women together will afford a stronger, healthier and potentially HIV-free relationship. To read the article in its entirety follow this link.

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Babies and mothers wait for care at Mulago Hospital - Ugandan's National Referral Hospital. Some may die and some mothers may develop obstetric fistulae. Click Here to view.

Source:The New Vision- Uganda's Leading Newspaper July 2007

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