May 5, 2013

Maternal Mortality Remains High in Uganda

AUTHOR:Irin NewsSOURCE:Irin News

In a recent artcile published by IRIN news (8 April 2013) maternal mortality remains stubbornly high. As documented in the 2011 Demographic and Health Survey the estimated mortality rate was between 310 and 480 dealths per 100,000 live deaths. There are myriad factors that account for this high rate. Specifically highlighted was the lack of midwives required to serve the population. Most of the midwives lack training and receive almost no compensation. In addition, the health facilities are poorly staffed without sufficient supplies, functioning equipment, and failing infratsructure. Some of these supplies are quite basic, e.g. gloves, syringes, etc. There is lack of supervision and the heavy workload overwhelms whatever staff is available to treat pregnancy-related complications. Most of these facilities are in rural areas where basic or comprehensive emergency obstetric and newborn care cannot be accessed by the resident population. Even if a mother is able to reach a facility the likelihood of being treated successfully is very slight. To tackle these problems a comprehensive and holistic strategy needs to be adopted and incorporated to strengthen health systems, i.e. male partner participation, addressing the unmet need for contraception for women of reproductive age and facilitating transport for women as well as ensuring that girls COMPLETING primary and secondary school, etc. The sexual/reproductive rights of ALL WOMEN MUST BE RESPECTED. Any infringemnt on their rights must be fully prosecuted. Anything less justifies this behavior to continue. Life for Mothers endorses this strategy in all developing countries with high maternal/neonatal mortality rates not limited to Uganda. Lastly, community health workers using mHealth technology will increase access to health for women of reproductive age along with their households. Without leadership and good governance (stewardship) and political will the situation will remain bleak and health outcomes will not improve. To read the article click here:

Did you know?

Between 1990 and 2008, maternal mortality worldwide dropped by one third.

Source:The World Health Organization, 2010

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