Mar 10, 2014

NY Times Letter to the Editor: Re: Ugandan President Signs Antigay Law


Founder of Life for Mothers responds to Ugandan President Signs Antigay Law--"Uganda has been debating the enactment of a new law that would severely criminalize homosexual behavior since 2009. Largely due to international groups protesting this action, enactment has been repeated postponed. The Ugandan President,Yoweri Museveni, has now signed the bill that will strip the gay population of its human rights, which are already greatly diminished. This East African nation has also skirted and ignored the rights of women, i.e. to obtain access to sexual/ reproductive services, tolerated and not prosecuted acts of gender-based violence and myriad others human rights violations mainly because of geo-political reasons. The United States has remained blind to these violations in exchange for Uganda sending their troops to fight in Somalia, South Sudan and Central Republic of Africa. This is unfortunate but the nature of realpolitik. Now is the time for the international community especially US to ratchet up pressure and terminate these tacitly quid pro quo arrangements. Click to read the NY Times article:®ion=searchResults%230&version=&

Did you know?

Women in developing countries are 300 times more likely to die than those in the industrialized world.

Source:UNICEF, 2010

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