Mar 28, 2016

Integration of Family Planning and HIV Services Gains Traction in Uganda

AUTHOR:Harry Strulovici MD MPHSOURCE:K4Health

K4Health released a toolkit on March 7 2016 entitled Strengthening Integration of Family Planning (FP) and HIV Services in Uganda. The AIDS Support Organization (TASO) has played a role in scaling up these initiatives throughout the country. Life for Mothers (LfM) has been advocating for years that FP and HIV must be linked in order to eliminate new cases of HIV and decrease transmission of HIV from mother to child (EMTCT). One of the tenets of this strategy includes eliminating unintended pregnancies through FP as well as using condomes to reduce transmission of HIV (dual protection). When a woman of reprodcutive age (WRA) is able to access HIV services it is critical that she also be offered FP services at the same facility. These services can also be offered by community health workers which TASO which has so successfully trained! This horizontal approach will lead to greater demand for services, as well as, provide an opportunity to educate WRA along with their partners/husbands. Lastly, the most cost-efficient factor which can lead to the reduction of mortality mortality is decreasing the fertility rate of WRA which this program does. This is major step forward to improving the health of WRA throughout Uganda. LfM applauds these efforts and looks to incorporate mHealth technology to reach more WRA. This strategy is part and parcel of LfM's holistic program. For further information please click the links to K4Health project and LfM's report on the use of mHealth technology to advance these efforts:  
LfM link:

Did you know?

The risk of a woman dying in sub-Saharan Africa as a result of pregnancy or childbirth is 1 in 22, as compared to 1 in 7300 in developed regions.

Source:United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), 2010

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