Nov 9, 2017

What Does Louis C.K's Sexual Misconduct Mean?

AUTHOR:Harry StruloviciSOURCE:New York Times

It's certain that the flood gates have been released regarding sexual harassment which is a VERY good consequence of this opening. The question I ask is when do we stop and move forward and address this horrific behavior? Life for for Mothers which I represent abhors such behavior patterns. I have suffered these shocks at least 3 times, as a teenager and subsequently in my 20's and even in my thirties. My supervisor (when I was a teenager) subjected me to this involuntary touching. This attack was foreign to me--I froze and did not know how to respond except to NOT encourage. I was silent--should have I have reported it? I truly do not know--again this was 40 years ago. I am certain that there are many heterosexual men who experienced unwanted harassment from other men. Was I traumatized? I was perplexed and ignorant/naive and again I refused the advance. What should men and women do? How far into our past do we dig up these episodes up from our 'buried' past? Does these incidents make them less important because the persons were not 'famous?' I wish we could offer some comfort to these many victims. Should these experiences from 'non-prominent' individuals be dismissed? Of course not - but how do we proceed forward? All I know is many of us suffering because these actions and memories are dredged up? How can out 'fake' president get a free pass? God help this county. I pray that bringing attention will lead to a paradigm shift and these revelations are not for naught.

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99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries.

Source:The World Health Organization (WHO), 2010

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