Jan 5, 2018

Life on the Congo river: boosting survival rates for mothers and babies – in pictures

AUTHOR:Kate HoltSOURCE:Guardian

In a beautiful photo essay published by the Guardian.com, Kate Holt photographs and writes about a remote town in the Democratic Republic of Congo that suffers with high rates of maternal/infant mortality. One can visualize in your mind's eye what challenges women of reproductive age endure to access health services. Their plight is not just limited to a health system that is either failing and/or non-existent but where health facilities are not reachable and also lack equipment/personnel. These people experience tragic losses that are virtually non-existent in the developed world, e.g., malaria, diarrhea, etc. Basic health care needs are not provided. Sanitary conditions still require attention to reduce preventable illness and death. Community health workers task-shift to fill the gap of missing health staff. Yet, one can almost witness and feel the desperation of these women and children. They demonstrate love and caring for each other. These photographs are a microcosm that is prevalent throughout Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia. Strengthening health systems without political will not lead to reducing the misery. Bearing witness through these images can increase awareness that so many women lack access to basic health care https://lnkd.in/d5sukD5.

Did you know?

99% of all maternal deaths occur in developing countries.

Source:The World Health Organization (WHO), 2010

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