Aug 17, 2010

Pregnancy Continues to Take Mother’s Lives


In a piece just published by IRIN NEWS, mothers continue to die at an unacceptably high rate—almost 623 deaths per 100,000 births. (USA—17 deaths/ 100,000 births-41st highest death rate in the world!) The reasons for these appalling numbers are myriad. To name just a few—culture, delivery at home, even delivery in a facility does not guarantee the presence of a skilled attendant. Also, many of these pregnancies are unwanted but women cannot access contraception. Another of the key factors leading to death is the fact that women rarely seek any care during the first three months of pregnancy. Lastly, transport to a facility is a huge barrier as well as the lack of emergency obstetric care. Only a holistic strategy to tackle this tragedy will lead to a paradigm shift in maternal healthcare. Life For Mothers (LFM) hopes to implement this strategy this year to demonstrate that mothers, newborns and infants do need die or suffer while health systems are simultaneously strengthened.

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Did you know?

Women in developing countries are 300 times more likely to die than those in the industrialized world.

Source:UNICEF, 2010

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