Sep 30, 2010

Health Risks Persist in Rural Areas of Somalia


In many rural areas of Somalia, the maternal mortality rate is rising. Presently, the maternal mortality rate is 1,000/100,000 live births. The myriad factors contributing to this ongoing tragedy are: women’s lack of education, inability to access health facilities, and the cultural tradition of home delivery. By providing basic education to women and men regarding the hazards of home deliveries, this will enable women to deliver in facilities with the presence of a skilled birth attendant. In addition to education regarding birth preparedness, completion of primary and secondary schooling is necessary for women to become empowered. Building health facilities in rural areas will make healthcare more accessible for women and their families. Unfortunately, humanitarian agencies are withdrawing from Somalia for obvious safety concerns. Therefore, the government must act to address security issues as well as addressing the health needs of women and their families. Life For Mothers' (LFM) holistic strategy addresses these obstacles albeit not the instability of various governments.

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Did you know?

Almost every minute, a woman dies related to complications related to pregnancy and childbirth.

Source:United Nations Department of Public Information

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