Jan 12, 2011

HIV Stigma Causes Violence Between Neighbors


Since discovering that she is HIV positive in 2001, Princey Mangalika, a Sri Lankan mother of two, has become extremely active in fighting stigma associated with HIV in her country. She now heads the Positive Women Network, an NGO that supports Sri Lankans living with HIV. Mangalika discovered firsthand how difficult such a life can be in her country when her husband was first diagnosed with HIV. Their neighbors demanded they leave the community, shopkeepers refused to sell the family goods, and eventually their neighbors even lit their house on fire. A lack of knowledge about HIV is at the root of such attacks, and Life for Mothers views education as essential to fighting stigma. Click here to read the full article.

Did you know?

The leading causes of maternal deaths are hemorrhage, infections, unsafe abortions, high blood pressure leading to seizures, and obstructed labor.

Source:United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), 2010

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