Jan 14, 2011

Sexual Harrassment and Suicide


Any amount or degree of sexual harassment can negatively impact a woman’s emotional well-being, and now reports show that in Bangladesh (and likely elsewhere as well) frequent harassment is even pushing women to commit or attempt suicide. 28 Bangladeshi women committed suicide in response to sexual harassment last year, and seven more attempted to take their lives. Almost 90 percent of adolescent girls experience regular harassment by men and boys on the street. It can take the form of shouted obscenities and direct grabs. Harassment has escalated since more women have entered the workforce and are attending college. Unfortunately, it is now intimidating many of them, and they prefer to stay home than face men on the street. LfM feels that to successfully battle harassment, it is essential to involve both men and women in the discussion and the fight. Click here to read the full article.

Did you know?

Maternal mortality is the health indicator that shows the widest gaps between rich and poor, both between and within countries.

Source:World Health Organization, 2010

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