Jan 21, 2011

Ethiopian Government Unveils New HIV Initiative Targeting Transportation Sector


Ethiopian truck drivers and their assistants have limited contact with their families while on the road so they often patronize sex workers, potentially subjecting themselves to the contraction of HIV and other STDs.  The Ethiopian government has reserved 2% of the Federal Transport Authorities’ annual budget to an “HIV-free transport sector.” This initiative provides mobile counseling and testing clinics located along major transportation routes that increase knowledge about how HIV is spread and how to prevent it. The clinics also test drivers and assistants for HIV and take necessary steps for treating HIV. We at LfM understand the importance of the dissemination of knowledge about the spread and prevention of HIV and other STDs through education.Click here to read full article.

Did you know?

The risk of a woman dying in sub-Saharan Africa as a result of pregnancy or childbirth is 1 in 22, as compared to 1 in 7300 in developed regions.

Source:United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), 2010

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