Jan 29, 2011

Pakistan: Lady Health Workers with Limited Training Make Significant Difference in Neonatal and Child Health


Research gathered by the University in Karachi indicates that the practices of “Lady Health Workers” can help increase the number of live births. According to a study in The Lancet, in regions that “Lady Health Workers” with only short- term training were present still births decreased by 21% and newborn deaths decreased by 15%. The health workers provided specific advice for mothers and midwives regarding caring for a newborn babies and premature babies. We at LfM understand the important role of trained community health workers in ensuring the health of the mother and child before, during and after birth. We are dedicated to recruiting and training community health workers who then provide education and service delivery to their communities.Click here to read full article.

Did you know?

Maternal mortality is the health indicator that shows the widest gaps between rich and poor, both between and within countries.

Source:World Health Organization, 2010

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