Feb 2, 2011

Philippines: Reproductive Health Bill Advances


A reproductive health bill that has been a subject of dispute for the last 15 years was passed on January 31st by a committee of the Philippines House of Representatives. According to a pervious article published in December regarding the Reproductive health bill entitled “Philippines: Family planning ‘urgently needed’ ” the apparent need for legislation regarding family planning was interceded by the Catholic Church. If passed by the senate the bill will propose national funding for reproductive healthcare resources for the poor including different means of contraception. The approval of the committee of the Philippines House of Representatives and the support of Present Aquino is promising news for reproductive health reform in the Philippines. Reducing fertility rates will reduce poverty levels and allow for more government funds to go towards education to improve health.  An important part of our holistic strategy at LfM is making health care more accessible in developing countries through cooperation of the government in collaboration with the citizens and community leaders. In addition, we believe that we can address issues of reproductive health through education, community and male participation, and political will. To read the article click here:http://www.irinnews.org/Report.aspx?Reportid=91796

Did you know?

Maternal mortality is the health indicator that shows the widest gaps between rich and poor, both between and within countries.

Source:World Health Organization, 2010

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