Feb 8, 2011

Pakistan: “Honor” Killings Continue


In a village near the southern Punjab city of Bahawalpur, Pakistan, Saima Bibi, a young Pakistani woman, was mercilessly electrocuted by family members. According to media reports, Saima was murdered for having eloped with a man she had chosen to marry. Although women aged over 18 are legally entitled to marry whomever they want, tradition calls for marriages to be arranged by relatives. If a woman commits an immoral act that is thought to place in jeopardy the ‘honor’ of a male in the household, then the woman may be sacrificed. Unfortunately, these types of killings are not uncommon, especially in rural settings, despite the fact that ‘honor killings’ are deemed as murder by the law. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP) estimates that over 600 women were killed for ‘honor’ in 2009. An integral part in the Life for Mothers' model is the empowerment of women. Life for Mothers recognizes that gender inequity and gender-based violence are key issues to address in the journey towards improved health for mothers worldwide. To read the article click here: http://www.irinnews.org/Report.aspx?ReportId=91753

Did you know?

Maternal mortality is the health indicator that shows the widest gaps between rich and poor, both between and within countries.

Source:World Health Organization, 2010

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