Feb 15, 2011

Rwanda: New Device to Facilitate Male Circumcisions in Effort to Boost HIV Prevention


A new device called the PrePex system promises to eliminate the need for anesthesia, skilled personnel, and operating rooms to perform a circumcision. In an effort to save time and money, the Rwandan government plans to push its national voluntary male circumcision program with this new technology. Agnes Binagwaho, permanent secretary in Rwanda’s Ministry of Health, explained to IRIN/PlusNews that “In Africa, where we lack medical infrastructure, we feel it is the best way to go.” According to the government, only 15% of Rwandan men are circumcised. As part of the country’s HIV prevention strategy, the government plans to circumcise an estimated two million adult men within two years. The WHO is waiting for data regarding the efficacy, safety, and acceptability of this device in order to approve it. At Life for Mothers, we recognize the need for developing new technologies than can be accessible and scalable in developing countries where human resources are scarce. Click here for further reading.

Did you know?

Babies and mothers wait for care at Mulago Hospital - Ugandan's National Referral Hospital. Some may die and some mothers may develop obstetric fistulae. Click Here to view.

Source:The New Vision- Uganda's Leading Newspaper July 2007

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