Dec 11, 2017

Black women Die Disproportionately from White women during Pregnancy and Childbirth

AUTHOR:NINA MARTIN, PROPUBLICA and Renee Montagne (NPR)SOURCE:ProPublica and National Public Radio (NPR)

As excellently reported by National Public Radio (NPR) and ProPublica maternal mortality for black women is almost 250% greater than for white women (data compiled from CDC- 2011-2013). This shocking disparity reflects a failing health care system that discriminates against black women of all socioeconomic strata. As highlighted in this detailed and sad narrative an esteemed epidemiologist at the CDC  (dual masters and Phd degrees) was repeatedly ignored despite visits from nurses after delivering a healthy baby (She died approximately 10 days postpartum after gaining 10 pounds in 9 days along with persistent high blood pressure resistant to medication without evaluation from Ob-Gyn).  Life for Mothers refuses to maintain the status quo and lobbies for health inequities to be eliminated. The continuing suffering of minorities is unconscionable. To read the report please click here: To listen to the NPR broadcast please click here:

Did you know?

Children who have lost their mothers are up to 10 times more likely to die prematurely than those who have not.

Source:United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), 2010

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